Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 69 - Busyyyy, but good

Hello all!

So we've had an insanely busy week this past week, but it was good at the same time!  We have literally traveled all of Northern Ireland which is pretty insane, and we have racked up the miles on our car!  Hahah we went to Derry, Londonderry on tuesday for a district meeting and exchange with the elders there, and that city is on the western border of the country.  then we had to go into Antrim on wednesday for a meeting.  Then on thursday and friday we had to be in belfast cause of missionaries getting lost trying to travel to dublin, and then on saturday we had to go to coleraine which is like the northern tip of Ireland to interview someone for baptism!! So lot's of traveling, and it looks like we'll be doing a lot this week as well.  We have a zone interview training on Friday, so we'll be training a lot at that.  Then I'm going on exchanges to Dalkeith, which will be fun!  But it means lots of travel as well.  As far as how the missionary work has been going we found a new investigator this past week which was awesome!  Her name is Rebecca and she is a young mom who is looking for a kind of fresh start in life.  We're really hoping it goes well with her, because it seems like we found her at the perfect time in her life.  She just barely moved in to bangor, and is trying to come to know if God is there, so that way she can help her kids learn about God as they grow up.  I'll keep you updated on her progress!  We also found another young Mom named Nadine, who when we set up an appointment with her she didn't seem too interested, and when we came back she said she didn't think we would actually come.  But then we ended up having a pretty good lesson with her, so that's cool!  We're going to see her sometime this week, hopefully on tuesday, and so we're hoping that will go well.  They said they would want us to explain more about God's plan for us, and where we go after we die, so it seems like there is at least some interest there!!  We'll just keep on keeping on and hopefully the work will get moving here in Bangor!  

I thought that was way cool that you were able to have the sister missionaries over for the block party!!  That's an awesome way to help introduce people to the church!  So I was wondering if the gilbert mission still does that thing where they aren't allowed to tract at all and they just do service and visit members and teach people that the members refer them to or something like that.  I remember dad saying something like that to me in an email once, and I was just curious if that's still something there trying out!  The phoenix temple dedication sounds pretty awesome as well!  I can't believe how much has happened back home while I've been over here!!  It's crazy to think what it'll be like when I get back!!

Also, as far as when my release date is I have no idea.  I've got 6 transfers left on my mission pretty much, including this one we're in right now, and they are each 6 weeks, although one of them could be a 5 week transfer.  So my guess is my release date will be around mid-july.  It'll be a wednesday that I would get back on, so it could be the 8th, 15th or even the 22nd.  My guess would be the 8th, but I'll try to find out more if I can!

Hope you have a great week though, I love you all so much!!

Elder Benesch