Thursday, December 25, 2014

week 71 - #ShareTheGift

So first off, Happy Thanksgiving!!! I did remember that it was Thanksgiving, but it wasn't exactly a big deal or anything. The whole day when we talked with people we approached them by saying "so we're American, and it's Thanksgiving back home, so what are you grateful for?" and then we just cheekily talk about how we're grateful for the Savior and then next thing you know you're teaching the restoration to them haha. It was really fun though! Now we're doing the same exact thing pretty much but with Christmas, and it works perfect because the church is doing a massive push this month about remembering Christ during the Christmas season with this new initiative called He Is The Gift. there's a cool video and a new website called that the church is doing some massive advertising for!! They bought youtube's masthead space on their home page to play a 30 second version of the he is the gift video all day December 7th!! They also rented a ton of the billboards in time's square from December 1st to January 1st. All of the missionaries get new pass along cards to hand out, and then there should also be 9 pass-along cards in the December issue of the Ensign for you guys to hand out!!! Members don't get them in the UK Ensign though:( It's definitely geared more toward the states, so you guys better take advantage of all this cool stuff going on since we don't really get to that much over here in the UK!!! We get the online stuff and the pass along card at least, and so we're doing all we can to get it really big in Northern Ireland this Christmas. Last Friday we did a zone meeting on it to get everyone in the zone pumped for it, and then yesterday we did a presentation on it to the YSA in the stake to get them to hashtag ShareTheGift!!! You guys should get on board and do it to!!! Invite all your friends to watch the video so we can sweep the world with the message of Christ this Christmas!!!

So Malia I heard that you were the only girl to play in the Turkey Bowl and that you scored a touchdown!! You did better than me when I tried playing football! I didn't even score a touchdown!! haha keep being awesome!

Peyton sports med sounds like an awesome class to do!! I bet you'll really like it! I kinda wish that I took that class while I was in high school cause then I could have figured out whether or not I would have like doing that as a career! I've been praying for your migraines to go away and I'll keep on praying!! Hopefully they'll go away soon!!

Elder Benesch