Thursday, December 25, 2014

week 72 - Christmas Concerts

Hello everyone!!

So we had a pretty good week!! We got 2 new investigators who are pretty awesome!! One was a woman named K., who referred herself to us through, and we got to teach her a lesson this past Wednesday. It was 2 days before her wedding which was pretty crazy!!! And the best part is that one of the things that attracted her to the church was the fact that we teach about how marriage can be an eternal thing, something that isn't just for this life. So teaching her 2 days before her wedding was the perfect time to talk about eternal families and the restoration of the gospel with her. She's on her honeymoon now though so we won't see her for a week or two, but when she get's back she is really excited to meet with us again!! Our other new investigator is a man named B. He's 25 and used to be a really strong Christian but has kind of fallen away from that. When we talked about the Book of Mormon with him, he was pretty interested because he always felt like there should be more to Christianity than what he knew. So he's going to start reading this week, and we're so pumped for him!! He really wants to come to know God again, and so as long as he reads the Book of Mormon, it'll definitely happen for him! So seeing those two was probably the highlight of the week for us. We also had a really good activity on Saturday night, where 30 missionaries from our mission sang in a Christmas choir concert at the stake center in Belfast. They did an awesome job and there were a ton of non-members there so it was pretty successful!! Hopefully some good things come from it!

It's good to hear you're doing a bit better Peyton!! And by the way I thought that was a really funny story about how you fell asleep in a tree house! haha sounds like a classic goofy Peyton moment!!

I'm kind of sad that I'll miss Shelly's wedding!! I didn't realize it was coming up so soon! you'll have to say congrats to her from me!!

Well I love you all!!! Have a great week!!
Elder Benesch