Hey everyone!

So I thought I'd let you know I'm finally gonna do some sightseeing today!! Haha we're going to tour all of St. Andrews with Bro. Elkins and then we're going to hit a bucket of balls at the driving range to finish it off! So now I'll be able to say I've golfed at St. Andrews!

We had a really good week with a big conference on this past Wednesday. It was such a good one!! We listened to talk by President Uchtdorf given to mission presidents and it was amazing!! President Uchtdorf is such a powerful speaker! It definitely inspired me to improve a lot! He talked a lot about having no fear when talking with people about the gospel, and how our faith in Christ is key in developing that level of confidence as we preach the gospel. So from that talk I've started to study loads about the atonement to try and see how I can utilize it more in my life so I can increase my faith and have more confidence as I talk with people! The only other cool thing really that happened this week was we met a man named M. who is a rugby player from Fiji, and we've started teaching him! He's actually been outside the temple in Fiji and loved it, and when he heard about Joseph Smith he says that he knew immediately that he is a prophet. We're so excited for him! We're seeing him on Tuesday again, and we'll be talking with him about baptism and preparing for it.
Malia I hope you're feeling okay!!! That looks like a nasty slice you got on your finger! I hope it heals up okay! but you know what's cool is that you and I will probably have matching scars now! I have a pretty good one on my hand from when I sliced it with a knife on accident when I was younger! that'll be kinda funny huh?

Well we're emailing a bit shorter today so we have more time to see stuff, but I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! Bye!!

Elder Benesch