Sunday, January 25, 2015

week 78 - Sick

Well it's been a bit of a rough week... But it started off really good with our trip to St. Andrews last Monday!! We had a pretty awesome day over all, we even got to hit a bucket of balls at the course!! Bro. Elkins is a genius when it comes to history, and so he taught us loads of cool stuff as we walked around the place. There's a ton of cool religious history, especially about the reformation involved there. We got some good pictures so I'll definitely send you a few this week.

After that fun trip though I started getting kinda sick, and it just snowballed and got really bad after going on a few exchanges. It's just a cold I have, but it's totally floored me!! The darn cold weather of Scotland finally got to me I guess. We had to stay in on Saturday and some of Sunday night because it got so bad. Hopefully today I'll be able to go out more, but we'll wait and see. We found a new person to teach this week though! Her name is T., and she is from Hong Kong! We've taught her one lesson so far, and she absolutely loved it! She's been reading the Book of Mormon a lot as well, and she said it helps her feel peace which is so legit!! We'll see her again on tuesday this week, and so hopefully we'll get her to come out to institute on Wednesday and possibly church on Sunday!! Definitely keep her in your prayers! I can't believe, but on this Sunday we have our move's calls again! I'm kinda excited for this one, because if ever there was a good opportunity for Elder Austin and I to serve together, it was this transfer. It's about time for him to leave Dublin, and about time for my companion to leave his area, and so we totally could serve together!! We'll have to wait and see though.

Also, some more bad news. I didn't pass my second driving test, and so I don't think I'm gonna get my license. I feel like I totally wasted your money!!! It was such a bummer when I found out I didn't pass. I prepared loads for it but it just didn't work out I guess. Sorry!! I could try to sit the test again, but it would cost another 62 pounds. So I don't know if it's a good idea to risk that much money again. but I guess it's still kinda your call as to whether or not I go for it again.

Since I didn't pass, it means we also lose the car for the next week and a half until transfers, but oh well. It'll be fun to walk around in the snow! hahahaha

I do know of Alex Boye!! He is way popular over here, a lot of people like his music. He's a pretty good singer!! I don't know a whole lot on his background, but from what I do know, he sounds like a really cool guy! It's cool you went to go and see him!

Well I love you guys, hope things are all going well back home!

Elder Benesch

The famous bridge at St. Andrews

Cathedral at St. Andrews
Hitting a bucket of balls at St. Andrew

An old pier that just looks awesome!
 I've totally taught a lesson to someone out on the very end of it looking across the ocean, it was sick!!