Tuesday, January 27, 2015

week 79 - Another German Companion!

Hey everyone!
First off, Happy Birthday Malia!!! It sounds like you had an awesome day, and I'm glad you got your stitches out!! Stitches are always so annoying!! What was your favorite present that you got?

This week we had a few cool things happen! We had a great lesson with our investigator T., and she loves the Book of Mormon! She believes it's true and reads it all the time which obviously makes us really happy haha. She was going to come to church with us but got a fever so she had to stay home, but she'll be there next week! We also met another person from china named G. this week!! She came to church with us and is wanting to start learning!! She had only been over in Scotland for about a week or two, and she had always wanted to visit a Christian church, and so we told her she should come check out ours and she loved it. She said she wants to come back as well the next week and continue learning more. Chinese people are the best!! I might ask president if for my last couple transfers if I can serve in chinatown haha. M. hasn't been able to meet with us. He says that because he has 2 jobs he's really busy, but he really want's to still meet up and learn, so we'll just have to be patient with him.

 We got our moves call last night and I found out that Elder Preece is off to serve in Newtownabbey, and my new companion is going to be Elder Neideck!! He's from germany, so that'll be fun to have my 2nd German companion!!  I'm probably going to have to visit Germany after my mission at some point now to see them all haha. Our ward mission leader Bro Elkins was released yesterday, so that made me kinda sad. But Bro Hann is the new one, and he is a pretty cool guy so hopefully we'll be able to keep things going with him and help the ward grow a lot over the next few months!!

 So I now have 4 more transfers left, which is totally crazy!! President Brown is starting to have a lot of the zone leaders become either district leaders or trainers, and that'll probably happen to me either next transfer or the one after that. But then I'll be on my last area probably! It's really weird to think that.

 Well I love you all very much!! Bye!

 Elder Benesch