Monday, March 30, 2015

week 81 - College Stuff & ZIT

Hey! So first off, Mom I like how you're really proactive at finding a way for me to stay home and go to school in Arizona ;) here's the stuff I'm thinking about with school after talking with my mission president and with our old ward mission leader, who is going to be a professor at byu and so I kinda trust his advice with school stuff haha. I'll just stay at home and go to a junior college, but I want to play baseball as well!! Both my mission president and our old ward mission leader said it's not a bad idea to try and since I love it so much they said I should go for it, as long as I keep focused just as much on church service and education as I do with baseball then I should be fine. So just keep going with the stuff for Chandler Gilbert!! I don't really want to go to ASU, it just doesn't really appeal to me at all..... sorry mom. maybe if they gave me a scholarship for baseball I would consider it haha, but that won't be happening. I'll think about the UVU thing as well, if I can still transfer there, but it probably is a no go.

so here's the list of schools I want to go to, in order of where I would want to go first:
1. Chandler Gilbert CC playing baseball
2. Glendale CC playing baseball
3. any other junior college near home that I could play baseball at
4. Chandler Gilbert CC, not playing baseball (work and get ready for school at BYU, most likely for winter or spring semester of 2016)

Hope this all helps with what you're planning for me, thank you so much for helping me out!! You're the best parents ever!!!!

We had a really good Zone Interview Training meeting this week, it was pretty long though! It started at 10 and went until about 4, but we had a lot of good training given and I definitely felt really uplifted and inspired to go out and work harder! We also had MLC this week, which is always pretty fun! President Brown has implemented a new "vision" for our mission that all of us are jumping on board with which is really cool. The main goal is for every individual missionary to become more fully converted, to understand how to receive revelation and live by it, and to baptize 2 people per year. If every missionary in our mission baptized 2 people in the year 2015 we would double the amount of baptisms our mission had in 2014! So hopefully we can achieve that! Our investigator T. didn't make it out to church, she hurt her leg and so she couldn't walk very well and so she stayed home. She's been reading in Mosiah lately though! She love's the Book of Mormon, and it's the best ever when we teach her! We've found a few more people that we have appointments with this week which is pretty exciting as well, so hopefully this week we can get some new people to teach. Interviews with president are always very good and that was a really good experience to be able to sit down and have him give me some good advice about some things! All in all I feel pretty happy at the end of this week and i'm excited for this coming week!

I love you all so much! Bye!!

Elder Benesch