Monday, March 30, 2015

week 83 - Crazy week with Z-day & stuff

Hey everyone!!

So this is going to be a short email cause we only have a short time to email today. We had our zone development day yesterday which was a blast!! We played wiffleball which was so much fun! Me, Elder Boehme, and Elder Bailey died cause we realized how much we miss baseball as we were playing. All of us AZ baseball kids will definitely have to hit up a few D-backs games when we get back. We're really starting to struggle with our area, nothing seems to be working out and it's starting to get to us a bit, but oh well we'll figure it out!!

so in answer to the important questions:
My release date is the 8th of July so I think you're good to buy tickets for Hawaii!

Congrats mom and finishing up your last presentation and paper!!! That's so exciting!!! I'm really happy for you! And it sounds like the BYD was awesome, wish I would've been there for it! I'm super excited for Dakota to do his mini mission! He's gonna absolutely love it, that's so cool! A lot of the youth out here get to do things like that and it really helps them prepare for their missions. I was pretty sad that I didn't even really know the missionaries before my mission, so that'll be a really good experience!! Enjoy it Dakota!! Peyton and Dakota you should tell me how youth conference went! Think of a cool spiritual principle you learned while you were there to tell me about! E-dog how was the campout?? Was it pretty sweet? Did you do anything crazy? And Malia how has school been going?? Well I love you all so much!! Have a good week!!

Elder Benesch