Monday, March 30, 2015

week 87 - 2 trips to Aberdeen

We had a really fun weekend!! So this past Friday we had zone conference which was awesome! I guess I never told you guys but I'm not a zone leader anymore!!! It's really nice:) haha so at zone conference I got to sit back and listen and soak everything in! President and sister Brown trained us together which they don't normally do and it was so fun to listen to them as they trained together. They did an amazing job! Then on Sunday we were able have 2 of our investigators at church, which I don't think investigators have been at church in Thurso for a long time so that was really exciting! L. really enjoyed and he has told us he wants to be baptized, so now it's just a matter of when really!! Hopefully he'll be ready to go by the end of April. Then on Monday (yesterday) we had our zone development day! It was a lot of fun, especially cause I didn't have to plan anything for it!!! We basically just played sports the whole time, and even though I've been getting up at 6 each morning to have an extra 30 minutes of workout time, I'm still really out of shape!! Hopefully by the time I get back home I'll be a little bit healthier and fit haha. All in all though it's been pretty fun! The longest part of all of this has been the driving though. It's a 5 hour drive to Aberdeen and we had to go down twice which just absolutely killed us so we're pretty exhausted now, hopefully we'll recover quick so we don't look like zombies when we're knocking on people's doors!! It sounds like everyone has been having lot's of fun lately though! I'm glad you guys are keeping busy and doing some cool stuff. I miss you all loads!! Love ya! Have a good week!!

Elder Benesch