Monday, March 30, 2015

week 88 - Orkney!!!

Hey! So we had a really awesome week, and we finished it off with a trip to the Orkney Islands over the weekend where we attended the branch there on Sunday!! It was a really good experience, and we got some good work done over there. The branch is pretty small, like 5 active members, so I think it was really good for us to be there to help strengthen them and lift them up a bit. Our investigator L. in Thurso came to church again which was awesome! We also found a family of 5 that we've started teaching and another 2 people who are really cool!! We're definitely being blessed like crazy right now. It's funny cause it's all kinda started when I've focused more on the fact that as a missionary I'm meant to be a teacher, not just someone who tracts all day and doesn't find too many people. It's helped a lot cause now we just teach loads of lessons! (well not loads, but we've already had like four times as many lessons taught these past 2 weeks then this area had last transfer, so it seems like loads). We're also trying some bold approaches when it comes to finding people, and that's kinda working as well which is cool!

So to answer all the questions:
We do cover the islands, but we only go once a month, and it's more just to visit the branch and strengthen the members there. They have a small little office place where they meet on sundays. We don't do a whole lot of finding and teaching out there unless we have a referral. We are teaching a referral on Orkney right now though, and we just got permission to do skype lessons with them throughout the weeks when we aren't on Orkney, so that'll be cool!

I've already gotten to do a little farm work as service for one of the members!! It was pretty different but fun as well. Definitely a good experience!!

I have a feeling this will be my last area, typically president has missionaries who were zone leaders train there last 2 transfers, but I don't think there are a lot of new missionaries coming in so I probably won't, but we'll see.

We do live in a square, but I wouldn't really say it's beautiful, it's kinda just typical Scotland!! haha However I think I'm just used to the way things look over here. This area definitely is the most Scottish of all the areas I've been in, mainly because this is the Highlands!!! Lots of pretty stuff out here.

Well hopefully that's all the questions answered!!

I love you all and hope you guys have an awesome week!!!

Elder Benesch
Avery looks so different to me - longer hair combed to the side and is that SKINNY JEANS he's wearing??!!
I thought that boy only wore basketball shorts.

This is The Old Man of Hoy.  Hoy is one of the Orkney Islands.

I got this off of google maps to show you how the "typical" square Avery's flat overlooks.
I'm assuming his flat is above one of the stores.

This is the town parrish at the end of the square with a statue of the town's founder.