Monday, May 25, 2015

week 96 - last transfer!

So I am now officially on my last transfer!! I can't believe how little time I have left, it really hit me this past week how close I am to home. I've been working hard to get in shape for baseball (I guess if I can make it on a team haha). President Brown is starting to get a little trunky I think haha. He is starting to realize that a lot of things he is doing is the last time that he'll be doing it! Which is kinda how I'm feeling as well at the moment. We got a new investigator this week though which is exciting! Her name is J., we found her by tracting and leaving a pamphlet with our number on it at her door, and she called us back! It was cool cause that seriously never happens haha. She seems really interested by the things we believe and we've definitely sparked her curiousity, so hopefully she's curious enough to read the Book of Mormon sincerely and ask God if it's true! We also may have a south african lady come out to church with her friend who is a member this next Sunday, and so we'll have to see how she likes it and if she wants to learn more! We get to have Elder Holland come to the mission on July 6th, so I'm really pumped for that, all of the missionaries in Scotland will get to come and see him speak, but sadly the Ireland missionaries won't get to come over. At least I'll still get to see a lot of the missionaries I want to say goodbye to before I go home!

So I'll start being on the lookout for a suit for Dakota, I might now be able to get one for a few weeks since there isn't exactly any places to go shopping up here in our area, so I would have to be in Inverness for something, but I'll figure it out. We might get a p-day in Inverness when Elder Holland comes to the mission. Those suit sizes work for over here as well, I guess just double check and make sure they are the sizes Dakota wants!! I don't know if it would make that much of a difference if you get the white shirts here or over in the US. They may be a bit more stylish from over here, but good ones would cost about 15 pounds (like 24 dollars) a shirt. Cheap ones are 6 pounds a shirt, which I bought about halfway through my mission, but they only lasted about 7 months before getting old.

Well I love you all and hope you have a good week!!

week 95 - Good trip to Orkney

Well we had an awesome time in Orkney! The members of the branch really appreciated our visit I think. We had a good dinner/lesson with D., one of our investigators over there who is the nicest woman ever. As soon as she gets an answer that the Book of Mormon is true she'll get baptized, so we're hoping and praying that she'll be able to get her answer soon!! We did see a few of the sights while we were over there, we checked out Skara Brae during our lunch on Friday, and it was pretty cool! I got some souvenirs as well. I'm pretty exhausted from the trip though! I don't know why but both times that I've gone over there I've just gotten so tired. We probably won't be doing anything too exciting this week for P-day, we're just gonna take care of some of the important things we need to get sorted. Next week will be the last moves call of my mission, so we'll find out for sure if I'll have one more companion or if Elder Swarts will be my last! I'm pretty sure we'll both stay together, cause it wouldn't really make sense to move either of us, but you never know! Heavenly Father might have something else in mind for me this last transfer!

I love you all and hope you have a good week!
Elder Benesch

week 94 - Not a whole lot new

so I just saw you all yesterday so there isn't a whole lot that is new for me on my side! It was really good to see you all though, and I can't believe how much everyone has changed!! I was really shocked with how different all you kiddo's looked! It made me realize that I have actually been gone for a while even though it doesn't really feel like it! I'm pretty excited to see you all in a few months, keep being awesome!! Love you all!

Elder Benesch

week 93 - Interview with the President...for the last time

So we had a good week, we went down to Aberdeen for zone interview training, and it was the last time I'll get to have zone interview training with President Brown!! I was really sad, because president goes home like 7 days before we do, so he won't be the one to send us off to the airport. It'll be the new mission president, President Donaldson. He spoke to us in the MTC though, and he seems like a really cool guy so that'll be good. President is going to try to find a way to interview everyone going home with me before he leaves the mission though, so hopefully this isn't the last time that I get to see him. We had some cool experiences with finding though this week. We've been trying some new approaches and dialogues with people and it's starting to work really well! We've gotten inside peoples homes I think every time I've been out tracting this past week, which never happens! We're gonna keep working at it and see if we have more success with these new approaches, and then if we do then we'll tell everyone else to start doing it! Today we're going to go out hiking for P-day which should be pretty fun! Elder Swarts is being kind enough to let me plan out our p-days since I don't have too many left, so I'm trying to find all the fun and cool looking stuff to do while I'm up here! I can't believe that all of Dakota's friends got their mission calls to the same mission! That is so legit!! They're all gonna have a blast, cause I know me and Elder Austin have had a blast being in the same mission.

Dakota I'm still so pumped for your mission call!!! I'm so excited for you to get out in the mission field and start making miracles happen in the lives of others. You're gonna be a beast! Keep preparing yourself by studying Preach my Gospel and reading from the book of mormon every single day. That's seriously the best thing you can be doing to get ready!

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you all, for mothers day, we're going to be skyping around 6pm here I think, give or take about 30 minutes, so plan for whatever time that is back home!! I think we're like 8 hours ahead so that should be like 10 am your time I guess. Hopefully that's not during church!

Well I love you all and hope you have a good week!! Talk to you on sunday!!

Elder Benesch

week 92 - Lee got baptized!

Hey! So we're having problems with the library, so we only get like 30 minutes each to email, so this is gonna be short sorry. It'll be longer next week!

So Lee got baptized this past week though which was awesome! He told me afterwards while we were changing back into normal clothes that he had never felt so good before, and that this baptism (he had previously been baptized by immersion in another church) felt so much better and so much more real. It was really cool because that was one thing he was confused about was why he needed to be baptized by immersion again, but this time he said he felt a difference and now he knows why. We're getting him started on family history work so he can take some names with him to the temple in the summer when our branch goes down for their yearly temple visit. I also got to give a talk in church this past week which was pretty good! I was the last speaker and ended up with about 25 minutes to speak which was scary because I had only planned to talk for 10-15 minutes, but luckily I came up with some stuff haha. This week we have zone interview training which will be good cause I need to have a temple recommend interview with president before mine expires, and he doesn't exactly come up to Thurso a whole lot. Well I love you all and hope you guys have an awesome week!!

Elder Benesch
Lee's baptism

week 91 - Fun trip to Aberdeen

This past week was pretty good!! We've gotten pretty much everything sorted for Lee's baptism, which is going to be on Saturday this week, so we're pumped for that!! Sadly we got our moves call yesterday and Elder Jamieson won't be here for it. He is going to go serve in Galway in Ireland and my new companion is going to be Elder Swarts. I've heard good things about him so it should be fun! We had stake conference in Aberdeen this past weekend, which wasn't too bad. We technically don't even serve in the stake, but the zone leaders asked us to just go down for it as well cause they needed our help getting missionaries there and plus we had to take our district leader back up to Thurso with us so he could interview Lee. It was good to see all the missionaries down there though, sometimes it's tough being so far away from any other missionaries! We had a good lesson with our investigators R. and A. this past week as well, and hopefully they'll come out to church this next week!! They are asking sincere questions about who God is, and we really interested in the plan of salvation when we explained it to them. I really hope they take the challenge to read the book of mormon and pray to know the truth seriously! They're awesome, and I think the things we share with them can answer a lot of the questions they have, they just have to find out for themselves if it's true!

So Dakota! I'm so pumped for you to go serve in Oregon man!!! That's gonna be so sick! You're seriously going to have the best time ever. I can't wait to get back home and see how much you've grown while you've been preparing for it! Keep working hard so that you're ready be a powerful missionary right from the get go!

and Dad, Happy Birthday! I've realized that I'm the worst family member ever as I always to forget to say happy birthday whenever it's someone's birthday! But I remembered this time so hope that makes you happy! haha

Also the skydiving thing in Hawaii sounds awesome!! I would definitely be down to do that!

Well I want you all to know I love you and pray for you all the time, thanks for being such a great family!!


Elder Benesch

week 90 - Conference is the best. Period.

So we had a pretty good week, we got to listen to the rest of conference throughout the week and it was so awesome! I loved listening to all of the talks that were given, but I think some of my favorite were Elder Ballard's in the priesthood session, and President Uchtdorf's on Grace. There were loads of other good ones as well, but those 2 I think especially stood out to me. I love how Elder Ballard just tells young adults what the bar is and gives pretty straightforward instructions on what we need to do!! As far as the work we have Lee who is preparing for his baptism, we got everything sorted and we're just really excited for him to get baptized on the 25th! Our other investigator H. wants to come to church, but the problem is we have to get her a lift, and we had it organized for someone to take her yesterday, but then there car broke down. So that was a bummer, but we'll try again this next Sunday!! We've been working hard to find some new people to teach as well, but no luck this past week. Hopefully we'll get some new people to teach this week though!! Not too many other exciting things have been happening though... today for p-day we're just going to kinda relax a bit. Elder Jamieson wants to check out a tiny museum thing they have in town so we'll do that for like 20-30 minutes and then just hang out. I'm so pumped for Dakota to get his mission call!! That's gonna be so cool to find out where he is going!!! My guess is that he'll be speaking Apanish somewhere in south america, but we'll just have to wait and see!

Well I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Benesch

week 89 - Conference

Hey! Here is the weekly email I normally send, even though we've been chatting a lot already haha.

This past week was pretty good, not a whole lot happened on the missionary work side, but conference was amazing!! We only got to see half the priesthood session and the Sunday morning session, but I have all of it downloaded to my flash drive now so we're going to watch the rest this week. I loved President Uchtdorf's talk in the Sunday morning session though!! It was such a good talk! He explained the principle of Grace so well, which is something I've really tried to study a lot on my mission, and so I'm definitely going to be studying his talk a lot over the next few months! Our investigator Lee is still on track for his baptismal date which is pretty exciting! A couple of the new investigators we found, we haven't been able to contact so that's a bit of a bummer, but oh well we're gonna just keep pushing and hopefully we'll start teaching them and then find some new people in the process! We had a lady we teach named H. tell us she wants to come out to church though so that's really cool! She should be there on Sunday which will be legit. I've started to get up at 5:45 to work out now, and it's crazy how much I love it!! One thing that I've decided I really want to try to do when I get home is keep waking up early and working out. I don't know how well that will work out once I start school, work, and hopefully baseball life, but I think it's such a good habit I've developed and I wanna keep it going!! I'm hoping to be close to as strong as Dakota when I get back, but we'll see if I'm actually able to do that haha. I have feeling he'll still be able to squat and bench way more than me, but we're gonna have to wrestle when I get back dakota to see if I still got that older brother strength over you!!

Well I think that's it for this week, but I love you all so much!!!

Elder Benesch