Monday, May 25, 2015

week 92 - Lee got baptized!

Hey! So we're having problems with the library, so we only get like 30 minutes each to email, so this is gonna be short sorry. It'll be longer next week!

So Lee got baptized this past week though which was awesome! He told me afterwards while we were changing back into normal clothes that he had never felt so good before, and that this baptism (he had previously been baptized by immersion in another church) felt so much better and so much more real. It was really cool because that was one thing he was confused about was why he needed to be baptized by immersion again, but this time he said he felt a difference and now he knows why. We're getting him started on family history work so he can take some names with him to the temple in the summer when our branch goes down for their yearly temple visit. I also got to give a talk in church this past week which was pretty good! I was the last speaker and ended up with about 25 minutes to speak which was scary because I had only planned to talk for 10-15 minutes, but luckily I came up with some stuff haha. This week we have zone interview training which will be good cause I need to have a temple recommend interview with president before mine expires, and he doesn't exactly come up to Thurso a whole lot. Well I love you all and hope you guys have an awesome week!!

Elder Benesch
Lee's baptism