Monday, May 25, 2015

week 96 - last transfer!

So I am now officially on my last transfer!! I can't believe how little time I have left, it really hit me this past week how close I am to home. I've been working hard to get in shape for baseball (I guess if I can make it on a team haha). President Brown is starting to get a little trunky I think haha. He is starting to realize that a lot of things he is doing is the last time that he'll be doing it! Which is kinda how I'm feeling as well at the moment. We got a new investigator this week though which is exciting! Her name is J., we found her by tracting and leaving a pamphlet with our number on it at her door, and she called us back! It was cool cause that seriously never happens haha. She seems really interested by the things we believe and we've definitely sparked her curiousity, so hopefully she's curious enough to read the Book of Mormon sincerely and ask God if it's true! We also may have a south african lady come out to church with her friend who is a member this next Sunday, and so we'll have to see how she likes it and if she wants to learn more! We get to have Elder Holland come to the mission on July 6th, so I'm really pumped for that, all of the missionaries in Scotland will get to come and see him speak, but sadly the Ireland missionaries won't get to come over. At least I'll still get to see a lot of the missionaries I want to say goodbye to before I go home!

So I'll start being on the lookout for a suit for Dakota, I might now be able to get one for a few weeks since there isn't exactly any places to go shopping up here in our area, so I would have to be in Inverness for something, but I'll figure it out. We might get a p-day in Inverness when Elder Holland comes to the mission. Those suit sizes work for over here as well, I guess just double check and make sure they are the sizes Dakota wants!! I don't know if it would make that much of a difference if you get the white shirts here or over in the US. They may be a bit more stylish from over here, but good ones would cost about 15 pounds (like 24 dollars) a shirt. Cheap ones are 6 pounds a shirt, which I bought about halfway through my mission, but they only lasted about 7 months before getting old.

Well I love you all and hope you have a good week!!