Wednesday, June 17, 2015

week 99 - just another day in the office

Well this week was pretty routine, but good at the same time.  I've been studying so much lately, every time we go into the flat I just kinda sit down and read, it's helping me stay focused and not think about home at all, which I won't lie is getting kinda hard not to.  I used to only think about home during emailing, but now it's starting to happen more and more throughout the week and I'm trying so hard to shut it out and not die!  I'm excited for these next couple of weeks though, we have some good trips planned out.  We're going to go to Orkney this weekend (my last time) and then the next week I have to go down to either Inverness or Aberdeen for my interview with President Brown, and then the weekend after that we go to meet the new mission president!  It'll be awkward for me cause he'll be my mission president for like 7 days, but oh well!  As far as the work goes, we haven't been able to see any of our investigators lately cause crazy things are going on in their lives, which is kinda a bummer.  We're hoping to see some of them this week though.  We have exchanges this week with some missionaries that have become really good friends of mine over the past year or so and I'm really looking forward to spending some time with them, it'll be really helpful I think.  One of them is in my group so we'll motivate each other to work hard for our last few weeks out!!  Or we both might just get even more trunky by talking about Hawaii loads (his family is going when he gets back as well).  Other than that I can't really think of much that is going on!  I love you all and hope you have a good week!!

Elder Benesch

week 98 - Elder Holland's visit

Hey everyone!!  This week was so intense, but I loved it!!  I've literally not been to my area for 5 days, and I'm still not back yet!  I'll go back to my area tomorrow though so that's cool haha.  I'll explain why though.  So last Thursday we drove down to Aberdeen cause early in the morning on Friday we had to go to Edinburgh for Scotland East conference.  That was such a great conference, and it was the last one I'll be at and also President Browns last conference with made it really special for me.  That night though I went back to Dundee to stay the night and so I got to proselyte in my old area and see some of the members that I got really close to there!  Then the next day we went and had Elder Holland speak to us, and that was such an amazing experience.  When he came in before the meeting started, he had us all take turns shaking his hand, and when he shook our hands he looked us straight in the eye, and we found out later he was having a quick interview with us all to see what he needed to say to our mission.  Basically he was finding out if he needed to go ballistic on all of us for being a disobedient mission or if we were okay and he could just spend time teaching us to be better missionaries.  Luckily he said we were a good mission with maybe one or two struggles and he complimented President Brown for that.  Then we had 6 people speak to us in by far the best meeting I've been to on my mission.  President and Sister Brown spoke together first bearing their testimonies too us which I won't lie actually brought me to tears since it made me realize just how much my mission has meant to me.  Then we heard from Elder Herbertson who is the Area Authority Seventy over our mission.  We then heard from Elder Teixera, the Europe Area President who is going to be moving over to be a president of one of the Area's in South America.  Then we heard from Elder Hollands son who was visiting and who served his mission in Scotland.  And then Elder Holland spoke to us, and that was amazing!!!  It was so cool to listen to all these great leaders of the church all in one setting!!  I loved it!!  Elder Holland expounded on John 3-4 for us and described how important it is for us to be speaking on the same level as the people we find and begin teaching.  We have to simplify things so they can get it and understand it, that way they can start progressing and feeling the Spirit.  It was definitely one of the highlights of my mission.  So that was all of the cool stuff that happened, but one of the bad things that happened was that our car got wrecked and is now in the garage for at least 3 weeks but probably more.  I wasn't in the car when it happened and I haven't even seen what it looked like, but all I know is it's gone for now, hence we haven't made it back to our area yet haha.  We got it all sorted though and we are borrowing a different set of missionaries car who don't really need it in their area until our car is fixed.  It's just been a total crazy weekend though with so much going on, but it's been really good:)  

It sounds like you guys had a really good stake conference week as well!  That's awesome!!  

I love you all and hope you have a good week!!

Elder Benesch

week 97 - long week but not dying yet!

Hey everyone!  So this past week was a pretty long one, but luckily I didn't really slow down or lose focus too much.  I'm still working my hardest at not dying or getting super trunky!!  Sometimes it is hard not too think about home, especially when we're just driving around to a bunch of different places.  Our investigator J. seems to be doing pretty solid!  She read a lot from the Book of Mormon this past week which was really cool!  We're seeing her tomorrow and hopefully she'll have prayed about the Book of Mormon and gotten an answer.  She's also planning on making the hour journey to church which is so cool!  It shows that she is actually really committed to learning about the church.  L. has been doing awesome, we brought him out teaching with us a couple weeks back and he was so good.  His son who has been coming to church with him asked if he could get baptized, and then when L. asked his mom (his ex-wife) she said it was fine for him to get baptized!!  So we're working on organizing that at the moment, we don't know all the details but we're getting it sorted. The tracting thing is pretty good!  We haven't done it a whole lot lately, but it's still totally a good thing to do.  Dakota should definitely learn it.  There's loads of stuff I can think of actually that it would be cool for him to learn!!  I'll try not to hound him with loads of stuff when I get back, but I'll give him some ideas.  So this week might be a tough one to stay focused cause I'm just so pumped to listen to Elder Holland on Saturday!  It's gonna be so cool, plus I'll get see a ton of missionaries that I haven't seen in forever.  I also haven't gotten any of my travel plans yet, and I don't think anyone else in my group has so we're all still waiting to find out.

So I hopefully answered all the questions you had!  

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Benesch